Open Bite: K Clear Case Study

Patients information

Age: 34 years Gender: female Chief complaint: Anterior open bite and severe cracking in the mandibular joint with pain


  • Anterior open bite, 3-4mm
  • Slight crowding in the upper anterior teeth
  • Class I canine and molar relation on the right side
  • slight class II canine relation
  • slight displacement of the condyle when opening the mouth
  • craniomandibular dysfunction
  • tongue thrust during swallowing

Treatment plan

To begin treatment, we use Aquasplint for 1.5 months to eliminate the symptoms of mandibular dysfunction. The Bluegrass appliance is used for 4-6 months to correct the habits of the tongue. This is followed by clear aligner treatment with K Clear from K Line Europe.

Number of aligners:

Upper jaw: 14 aligners

Lower jaw: 14 aligners

Total duration: 12 months

Treatment target

  • straighten teeth in the upper jaw
  • treat craniomandibular dysfunction
  • correct tongue thrust
  • correct anterior open bite

Results and conclusion after treatment

Attachments were placed on the buccal teeth for intrusion. The intrusive effect of the posterior teeth relieved the temporomandibular joint and brought the condyle into a favorable position.

The intrusion of the posterior teeth also helped close the anterior open bite only six months after completion of treatment with the Bluegrass appliance.

The condylar position has been significantly corrected and the patient has no pain, nor is the cracking of the jaw heard when opening the mouth.

Patient photos

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