Deep bite and crowding

Class II with moderate deep bite and crowding

Patient details

Age: 25 years Gender: female Chief complaint: Crowding in the upper and lower jaw


  • Skeletal tendency to class II
  • Class II ecteeth and molar ratio bilaterally
  • Weak crowding in the upper jaw (4 mm)
  • Weak to minor crowding in the mandible (3 mm)
  • Displacement of the lower midline:

5 mm

  • Moderate deep bite: 4-5 mm
  • Retroclined upper front teeth

Treatment plan

Number of aligners:

Top: 20 aligners (2 phases) and 2 refinements (1 phase).

Bottom: 20 aligners (2 phases) and 2 refinements (1 phase)

Total treatment time:

10 months

Treatment goal

  • Alignment of the upper and lower teeth
  • Achievement of a Class I relationship of the molars and canines
  • Correction of the midline shift
  • Correction of the deep bite and proclination of the upper front teeth
  • Stabilization of overjet and overbite

Results and aftercare

Crowding resolved, minor deviation from Class I ratio of molars and canines. Overjet and overbite stabilized.

Correction of the midline shift by 4 mm. Resolution of crowding with the help of ASR. Further adjustment of overjet and overbite.

Patient photos

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