Deep bite and crowding: K Clear case study

Klasse II mit moderatem Tiefbiss und Engständen

Patient details

Age: 25 years

Gender: female

Chief complaint: Crowding in the upper and lower jaw


  • Skeletal tendency to class II
  • Class II edentulous and molar ratio bilaterally
  • Weak crowding in the maxilla (4 mm)
  • Weak to slight crowding in the mandible (3 mm)
  • Displacement of the lower midline: 5 mm
  • Moderate deep bite: 4-5 mm
  • Retroclined upper front teeth

Treatment plan

Number of aligners

Top: 20 aligners (2 phases) and 2 refinements (1 phase)

Bottom: 20 aligners (2 phases) and 2 refinements (1 phase)

Total treatment time: 10 months

Treatment goal

Alignment of the upper and lower teeth

Achievement of a Class I relationship of the molars and canines

Correction of the midline shift

Correction of the deep bite and proclination of the upper front teeth

Stabilization of overjet and overbite

Results and aftercare

Crowding resolved, minor deviation from Class I ratio of molars and canines. Overjet and overbite stabilized.

Correction of the midline shift by 4 mm. Resolution of crowding with the help of ASR. Further adjustment of overjet and overbite.

Pictures of the results

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